ABOUT The team


Adam Hayley

Adam Hayley is the founder of OTE. He’s worked with clients that range from CEO’s of large corporations like Costa Coffee, to physique and bikini competitors standing on national stages. 

Career wise, he has experienced it all, both on and off line. His true passion is teaching others how to effectively transition from ‘counting reps’ on the gym floor – to running successful online businesses.

Without doubt,

my number one passion has always been fitness...

Fitness is a broad term though. And my obsession/involvement within it has evolved through its various elements.

When I was younger, I defined fitness as anything I could do other than sitting still. Football,boxing, rugby, I did it all.

When I hit 16 I had to have both legs surgically broken and was wheelchair bound for 8 weeks. Naturally, the small amount of muscle mass I had at that point disappeared rapidly. And so, rehabilitation was my new vehicle within fitness. I learned everything that I could about muscle growth.

That then segued into me

competing in both bodybuilding and powerlifting...

Quite successfully too, having won my classes across both endeavours.

From there, I was bitten by the bug of coaching. To impart both the knowledge and experience onto others. Although not all of my clients had aspirations to compete; I did have a strong niche. Body composition. I purely trained people to either gain muscle or lose body fat. Or even both – leading to the transformations you see here.

I was fortunate in that

I was fully booked right from the off...

It remained that way throughout my career. But there was a downside. I had to physically be there to train each and every client. I’d routinely put in 14-18 hour days, 6 days per week, on the gym floor. My reach was capped; I physically couldn’t take on any one else.

That is when it eventually clicked, that for me to impact more people – I simply had to take the plunge and go ‘all in’ with coaching people online. Since doing so, I haven’t looked back.

As we adapt and evolve, I now have a newly found passion: Business.

But crucially, fitness business. I started doing more and more  consults with other trainers that were just like me, and wanting help in building out their own online businesses. It was from here that the Online Trainer Education was born..


Alistair Fraser

With over 5 years in the industry, Alistair’s passion for getting results with clients has lead him to further his knowledge in biomechanics, nutrition and psychology. Alistair’s clientele ranges from business owners, doctors, teachers, store assistants and other personal trainers. His diversity and adaptability is impressive. Having competed in bodybuilding for the past 5 years, Alistair proves that he practices what he preaches and
continues to inspire his clients to ‘level up’.

Without doubt,

I’ve always had a keen interest in anatomy and how the body works...

I got into fitness from a young age playing football, athletics and golf. Realising from a young age that better performance comes from more than just playing the sport, I started to look into hypertrophy, nutrition and supplementation. From then on, I was hooked on finding out ways of optimising performance. This spurred me on to start reading more and going on as many courses as possible to learn from some of the smartest individuals in the industry.

My career started out in a privately-owned gym, and then onto the top results producing gym in Liverpool. Climbing through the ranks and achieving consistent transformations with clients, I’ve gone on to manage and educate the other trainers within my gym. I love the opportunity/feeling of passing on the knowledge I’ve gained from the countless years of my own learning.

Delivering my clients solid results, the educational content I produce as well my own thirst for knowledge is what sets me apart from other trainers. Having the perfect blend of understanding the science & theory, coupled with first-hand experience is critical to achieving this.

Guest Lecturer

Camilla gray

I think it’s important in any field that you work within, to know your limits. Don’t try and go beyond your scope of practice. It’s for this reason that I’ve outsourced the gut health module to Camilla Gray. Someone that has more knowledge, passion and experience in this subject than I could ever hope to have!

I am a

registered nutritional therapist

With a keen focus in digestive health.

I work with closely with my clients to help them overcome IBS and other digestive disorders, enabling them to take back control of their health and their life.

I’m also in a unique position, being the sole nutritional advisor to one of the U.K’s top probiotic supplement companies.

Having been through my own struggles with gut health..

I have a fierce passion to help others do the same.

Working with clients both remotely online, and at my private clinic in Chichester – I am able to fulfil the above passion.



Ali, Camilla and I have put in hours upon hours of theoretical study coupled with real world practice. With literally 1000’s of clients. Our job is to fast track you to level up and be the best, most well-rounded trainer that you can possibly be.