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Want to Learn The Secret to...

a Profitable, Flexible, In-Demand Online Coaching Business That Lets You Quit The Gym Floor For GOOD?

Hint: It’s got nothing to do with Facebook ads, blue ticks, or thousands of followers




Let’s be real for one moment:

It’s never been easier to earn a great income (and have an amazing lifestyle) as an online personal trainer.

But at the same time … It’s never been more difficult, either.

What with more and more competition, and competitors who have huge Instagram followings, are willing to spend tens of thousands on advertising, or use sleazy, shady sales tactics …

It’s not surprising that many hard-working trainers feel like they’re furiously swimming against the tide.


Posting content daily and telling stories

Sharing incredible before & after photos

Putting together great value packages

Going the extra mile for clients

Yet still, they’re stuck in the feast and famine mode, where it feels like there’s a brick wall between where they are now, and where they want to be.

I hear it every single day.

Trainers come to me saying things like...

“I just don’t get it. Everyone else makes it look so easy. I can sell in the gym just fine, but when it comes to online, I feel like I’m playing a game that’s rigged against me.”

“I’d love to work solely online, but I just don’t see how that’s possible. Every time I get 3 or 4 new clients, 3 or 4 current ones drop off. It’s like I’m going around in circles.”

“It sucks. I know I’m a great coach, but all my competition have way more followers, better physiques, and get so much engagement. I just don’t think I’m cut out for working online.”

Listen, if you’ve heard yourself say anything like this, I get it.

I’ve been around this game long enough to know that if you’re struggling to get online clients …


There’s a lot of crap advice out there when it comes to building a thriving, profitable, in-demand online coaching business that has you signing up dream clients with ease.

But that’s not the advice you’ll get here.

Spend a few minutes with me today, and I’ll show you how I’m helping hundreds of coaches worldwide get these kinds of results, without a huge following, a blue tick, or even thousands of followers.

Want More Online Fitness Clients?

Then Read On to Discover How 400+ Personal Trainers Have Gone From Stressed Out, Exhausted and Trading Time For Money …

To a Location-Independent Thriving Online Coaching Practice, Without Spending a Penny On Ads

Right now, I’m guessing you probably fall into one of three camps:


Camp 1: The Gym Floor PT

You spend the vast majority of your time in the gym, or in a private studio.

You do okay money-wise, but you know there are much bigger opportunities to be had by taking your business online.

Perhaps you’re not sure where to start …

Or perhaps you have an idea, but the thought of losing money by taking time away from the gym is stressing you out.

You know the early starts, late finishes, and weekend work aren’t something you want to be doing forever.

But at the same time, you also have responsibilities.Maybe you have a family, or kids, or even just yourself to look after, and you’re worried that, by going online, the grass may not be greener.

Camp 2: The Hybrid PT

You’ve already started doing some online work alongside your in-person coaching, but it’s not that stable yet.

Perhaps your online income matches your offline, or it might be a little less.

You’ve seen how amazing the online life can be, and you want more of it, but at the same time, you’re wary of sacrificing your in-person income. 

You’re worried about cutting ties with your gym, and haven’t seen the kind of success and stability you need to give yourself a great life, just by working online.

Camp 3: The Under-Valued Online Trainer

I don’t want to say you’re struggling here …

But you are worried.

It could be worry over the ever-increasing competition, and the simple fact that signing up new clients seems harder and harder every month.

Maybe you’re only just about making enough online to get by.

Perhaps you started with a bang, but things have been getting quieter and quieter each month.

Or you might even be so worried, you’re thinking you’ll have to go back to in-person coaching, and that’s something you really do not want to do.

I don’t want that for you.

You don’t want that for you.

So let me put your fears to rest, and share with you …



Have you noticed how so many ‘trainers of trainers’ talk a good game, but their results just don’t stack up?

They post the same old screenshots of ‘clients’ with their names blanked out… Or they tell you about how successful their own business is… Or they try to overcomplicate everything to make themselves sound smart.

It’s the sad truth, but a lot of the people teaching how to build a profitable online coaching business are just failed trainers themselves.

Okay, maybe they had a little success back in the early days of online coaching, when it was a brand new concept and very few trainers were doing it. But since then, their success went downhill, and so they jumped ship to teaching others how to do it.

That’s the sad state of the industry.


I suppose I’d better tell you a little about me, so you can see for yourself that this is not how I operate.

My name is Adam Hayley,


To date, I’ve helped 400+ (and counting) personal trainers like you go from being trapped in a gym for 50-60 hours a week to…

  • Cutting their hours – at minimum – in half 
  • Radically enhancing the “before and after” awe-inspiring scale of their success stories
  • Doubling (and then tripling) their gym-floor income 

 …all without ever having to train clients face-to-face again.

These results come from playing a game where YOU set up rules that favour and reward your specific lifestyle and profitability preferences.

I’ll tell you all about these “turning the tables” strategies soon, but first I want to give you some very quick background as to the origin of these game-changing revelations… 

When I started training clients as a gym employee, I was fully booked right from the very beginning. 

Yes, I was that lucky asshole!

I’d started training after I’d entered the world of competing in both bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions… so I presented a body and a history that inspired awe and confidence in potential clients. 

Because I had a nice enough personality and was a walking testimonial for “knowing my shit” I seemed to attract the best transformation clients… 

…People aspiring to compete in local bodybuilding competitions, the hyper-dedicated regulars, people who earned a living with their appearance – models, strippers, etc.  

I didn’t even have to be good at selling training because the people seeking me out were pre-sold. 

But pretty soon, that wasn’t enough.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved my clients, got a real kick out of changing lives, and I truly felt like I was doing the job of my dreams.

Well, almost …

See, like most personal trainers, after a few months of doing this, I got to the stage where I was –

Completely exhausted

 The early starts and late finishes were never-ending. Every day was life groundhog day, and I had to ask myself – “How much longer can you really keep doing this?

Feeling resentful

It’s a horrible feeling, but I’m sure you’ve felt the same. You start resenting your clients, and getting irritated, short-tempered, and tired out from the workload.


I was seeing other coaches who had an online arm of their business, who could work when they wanted, from wherever they wanted, and had total control over their schedule, their location, and their fees.

Sick and tired of giving up my hard-earned income

When you work in a gym, there’s no two ways about it – It sucks to sacrifice so much of your income. Whether you’re paying them rent, or you’re ‘paying’ by doing classes, inductions, or even cleaning, that’s money you’re earning, that’s going straight into the pockets of the studio owner or the corporate chain.

Wondering if it was really all worth it

I’d never wanted to have a real job, but the more I saw friends in nine-to-fives, who were home by 6pm, got weekends off, and hardly had a care in the world, the more I wondered if I’d made the wrong decision.

It Was Sink or Swim Time, and I Had to Make a Choice …

Knowing I didn’t have much gas left in the tank for in-person coaching, I needed to make a decision.

Did I keep going for another 6-12 months, build up some savings, and then look around for a job in another industry …

… or did I take the plunge, and take my business online?

Deciding there was no way I could have a boss, or set working hours, or – god forbid – have to wear a suit and tie to work, I went for option 2, and gave myself a year to make a success of it.

Well, in that year things went pretty well.

In fact, the growth was quicker than I’d ever dreamed of, and during that first 12 months, my fledgeling online training business brought in a crazy £255,000.

And it’s only been on the up from there.

In fact, I managed to successfully build a second online business to £210,000 in the same time frame.

I’ve also been featured in:

The online life has given me the freedom to travel, and I take a good 7 or 8 trips every single year.

Not just that, but I’ve become pretty good at helping others build their own online businesses, too.

Not just that, but I’ve become pretty good at helping others build their own online businesses, too.

After sharing my strategies for online business growth with other trainer friends, I realised it wasn’t just me who they worked for.

No matter who I shared them with –

Whether introvert or extrovert… Newbie coach or fitness industry vet… Whatever niche they were appealing to… They all got more clients, more followers, and increased their income while working less.

This is what led me to making this ‘my thing,’ and the results have been speaking for themselves ever since:

Now, I say none of this to impress you…

More so, to impress upon you just how much opportunity there is right now for trainers who want online clients. But only if you market your business in the right way. See, I’ll admit – I had some luck. A lot of what I did was based on my hunches and intuitions.

And some of it… Just didn’t work. It was a complete flop. But I’m glad I made those mistakes, because it means that now, when I share my system with other trainers, I can help them navigate away from those same errors.

What did work though, worked for a reason –

It wasn’t based on any complicated tech, any social media algorithms, having a big following, or even running any kind of advertising.

Because here’s the thing …

Most ‘Trainers of Trainers’ Are Making This Way Too Complicated

Have you heard of Occam’s Razor?

Put simply, it states –

“The Simplest Solution is Often The Best.”

Know what isn’t simple?

Complex sales funnels, with all kinds of opt ins, email sequences, up-sells, down-sells and cross-sells.

Growing a huge following and learning the ins and outs of Facebook ads.

Creating multiple products and services, all at different price points, and trying to navigate buyers through an entire product catalogue.

These are all extremely difficult tasks to master, that ultimately don’t make you any more likely to sign up clients, or make a great income online. Yet they’re what most ‘trainers of trainers’ promote, because they love to sound clever. Plus, let’s face it, how long is all of this going to implement?

For the average trainer, who still has clients in the gym, a family to support, and their own training to do, it can often take years to set up this kind of business. And that means, when you don’t get results because it’s so complicated, the ‘expert’ can blame you for not getting everything done. I don’t think that’s right.

There’s a saying that states –

“If You Want To Impress People, Make Things Complicated! If You Want To Help People, Keep It Simple!”

Well, I’m definitely on board with the simple route. In fact, there are only 3 components I base my business-building strategy around …


Have you noticed how very few trainers of trainers are talking about client results?

Sure, we can all share screenshots from Stripe and PayPal, but what about actually helping clients get lean, get strong, get fit, and change their lives.

Believe me when I say – Your most powerful marketing tool is your own clients’ results.

Build a bank of stellar testimonials and photos, and you will never struggle for business.

While most won’t admit it – Getting results for online clients is harder than getting results for in-person clients.

It’s the inconvenient truth that’s rarely addressed, but it’s a big reason why so many would-be online coaches –

1. Struggle to get clients in the first place, and –

2. Never keep someone for more than a few months.

This leads to a vicious cycle of constantly seeking out new leads, knowing they have a low lifetime customer value, and that they’ll never refer anyone else your way.

Not just that, it often leaves you feeling dejected and defeated, wondering what you did wrong.

But, with the right approach, and with a focus not just on business, but on becoming a better trainer, signing up high-value clients, who can’t wait to recommend you to others gets much much easier.


It’s not talked about often enough, but the real key to connecting with prospects is to speak to them in a certain way.

Think about it –

We buy from people we know, like and trust.

Forming these three aspects on the Internet can be much more difficult than doing so in person. And that means many trainers have a much tougher time when it comes to getting clients from Instagram, Facebook, email, or wherever, than they do walking the gym floor.

Too many marketing gurus try to tell you it’s about using a specific platform …

Or a formulated posting style …

Or keeping up with the algorithm …

But it’s not.

It’s about communicating with people to show them that you understand exactly what they’re struggling with, and exactly where they want to get to.

If you can do that, you rapidly accelerate the trust-building process.

In fact, have you heard the quote –

“People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions and help them throw rocks at their enemies.”

That’s your job as an online coach.

When you know how to –

1. Empathise with your audience’s pain points …

2. Paint a vivid picture of what you can help them achieve …

3. Show them why their previous attempts have failed …

4. Unite against a common enemy that’s preventing their progress …

You don’t need to worry about a big following, lots of certifications, or having high-quality videos, because people see you as someone who truly cares for them, and can give them exactly what they want.


Who gets paid more – a GP or a spinal specialist?

It’s the specialist, right?

Because what they do is far more specific, and solves a real bleeding neck problem.

The GP, while highly qualified and very intelligent, is still a ‘jack-of-all-trades.’

It’s the same for trainers.

You don’t want to be the guy or girl who can do everything for anyone, from helping people lose weight, to build muscle, to run marathons, train through pregnancy, and everything in between … You want to be –

The guy who helps men over 40 pack on more muscle in 12 weeks than they have in the last 12 years …

Or the girl who specialises in helping new Mums get their pre-baby Body back in just 4 months …

Or the rehab trainer who helps CrossFitters recover from injury at record rate, so they can get back on the competition floor pain-free …

Or the coach who’s an absolute rockstar at assisting anyone who’s struggled with emotional eating to love their body while getting stronger.

See what I’m getting at here?

If you try to appeal to everyone, you appeal to no one.

You’re like the vanilla ice cream of online coaching.

No one hates you …

But no one’s going to walk 3 miles to get you, or pay £6 for a scoop, like they might an organic pistachio with almond chunks, or a triple chocolate brownie marshmallow ice cream.

Specialising can be a scary move to make, but it’s one that is absolutely vital if you want a streamlined, profitable, sustainable online coaching business.

So now we know all this, the question remains:

“Adam, how do I actually put all this into action?”

This is where my ‘Making Progress Inevitable’ system steps in.

Because the good news is …

If You Can Point and Click on Laptop… You Have a Phone… And Can Cover a £30 WiFi Bill Each Month…

You Have Everything You Need to Run a Profitable Online Coaching Business.

If you haven’t got the message yet, living the life of an in-demand, highly profitable, highly ethical online trainer doesn’t require that much.

See, while other trainers are running round trying to get followers… Or posting endless suggestive selfies… Or spending hours and hours creating cheap ebooks or wasting thousands of pounds or dollars custom building their own apps… Or even investing in high-end ‘certifications’ that are worth less than the paper they’re printed on…

The guys and girls I work with are doing just two very simple things. But they’re doing them very, very well.

Firstly, they’re getting clients entirely organically. The way I teach people, we keep things straightforward. I show trainers how to build an Instagram following, (a modest one at that, we’re talking 4 figures, not needing to scale to 100,000 followers plus,) and then how to market to those followers in a way where you become the trainer for them.

This does a few cool things –

Firstly, you know you’re acting ethically. You’re truly serving people, and ‘selling’ in a way that’s honest, and that delivers real value. Secondly, you’re massively raising your value. This links back to component 2 above, where I mentioned becoming a specialist.

When people feel that you understand them, that you have their best interests at heart, and they believe you can get them results 

It’s very easy to sign up clients. Now, I’m not talking lots of clients. Because the truth is, you don’t need a lot. Look at it like this 

Let’s say you want to make £60,000 per year.

That’s £5,000 per month. It’s 50 clients at £100 each. Or 20 clients at £250 each.

Do you think getting 20 clients is really that difficult?

If you have a following of 1,000, that’s only a 2% conversion rate (And believe me, that’s low.)

The trouble is, most trainers are chasing a total number of followers, rather than quality followers. That’s why I show you how to attract the right people, and to say the right things to them.

Still though, I understand there’s some scepticism, so that’s where the second part of the process steps in –

Let My Tested and Proven

‘Making Progress Inevitable’ System Deliver Cream of The Crop Clients Who Want To Be Trained Online

Imagine you had a financial advisor, who you paid £100 to each month, and in return, they generated £1,000 worth of profit. Would you keep paying him or her that £100 per month?

Of course you would. It’s a no-brainer decision. You’re £900 in profit, every single month. Well that’s what happens with your clients when you start giving them the exact results they want. They don’t want to stop paying you.

There’s no more people ‘trying it out’ for a month, only to get a week in, realise everything is too much hard work, and saying ‘Thanks, but no thanks.’ Your average client goes from staying with you for 2 months, to 6 months, 12 months, or even years.

And they can’t wait to tell friends and family about you. Because we all love giving recommendations, right?

In fact, it’s not unusual to have to ease back on your marketing efforts online, because you’re getting so many referrals and recommendations.

Plus, can you imagine having a treasure chest of social proof that demonstrates just how good a trainer you are?

Having those crazy transformation photos that bring in clients like moths to a flame … The pride you feel every time you post someone’s life-changing story that you helped them achieve … And the fact that you know you’re not only making a great income, but doing so while changing lives … I can’t underestimate the fact that great trainers who get their clients real results never struggle for new business.

Unfortunately though, most online coaches aren’t taught this.

See –

There’s a BIG Difference

Between Training Clients In-Person, and Training Them Online

During my first 24 months online, I noticed something …

Some of the trainers I knew who could achieve incredible results for clients in the gym, struggled to get any results with their online clients.

It wasn’t just the odd case here and there, either.

It was an epidemic.

And that’s when I realised that there are specific strategies that all online trainers need to make progress inevitable, and get to the stage where clients see them as the expert, and can’t wait to get started.

That’s why, unlike other ‘trainers of trainers,’ I place a BIG focus on results.

Yes, the marketing is important… And sure, you need to have good systems in place, and post content fairly consistently. But none of that matters if you can’t get results for clients.

Believe me, I thought you could shortcut that through clever marketing, but it’s impossible.

When you can get epic results, the good news is …

You Can Forget

All That Nonsense About Facebook Ads and A Giant Following

Facebook ads are great…

If you’re a trainer who’s got a weak message, and who can’t back themselves to deliver amazing results.

Look, I’m not anti-Facebook ads, but you really don’t need them until you’re at the stage where you’re managing a team of trainers, looking to bring in hundreds of new leads every month.

Maybe that’s what you want, and that’s cool.

But it can’t be where you start.

Facebook ads are a great way to waste a lot of money, for any trainer currently making less than £150,000.

You’re literally paying for leads and clients you could quite easily get yourself.

Remember too, we’re shooting for the right clients, not lots of clients.

Why bother paying for ads, when you can get those same people for free?

And as for the big following …

I’m not saying a big following is bad. But it’s not needed.

And the funny thing?

I’ve talked to a lot of these ‘influencers,’ and you’d be amazed at how little money they make.

There’s a big difference between liking someone’s posts, and buying into their courses, programmes and coaching.

Most influencers get by based on the (relatively meagre) amount they get paid for sponsored posts. Or they sell cheap ebooks that require a huge volume of sales, lots of customer support, endless admin, and carry a high refund rate.

If that’s the life for you? Cool, then what I have to say next probably won’t be of much use.

But decide here and now –

Do you want to be a highly-profitable online trainer, changing people’s lives …

Or do you want 15 minutes on ‘Insta-fame?’

I think you’ll agree, the first option is a much better business strategy.

Given where we are now, let’s just do a quick recap of what we’ve learned so far …

Recap 1:

Going online is the ONLY way to build a truly freedom-focused fitness business

Recap 2:

Most in-person trainers are on a fast-track to burnout, yet most online coaches are stuck in a feast and famine cycle.

Recap 3:

The vast majority of ‘trainers of trainers’ make things way too complicated, and focus far too much on front-end marketing, than back-end client support.

Recap 4:

To have a great business, you don’t need a big following, but you do need the right followers, and the right offer.

Recap 5:

Facebook ads can be useful, but it’s very likely they’re just a drain on your finances right now.

Recap 6:

An online trainer is only as good as their clients’ results…

And to have consistent new business, as well as repeat business and more referrals than you know what to do with, you need a specific way of making your clients’ progress inevitable.

And that’s what Online Trainer Education (OTE) is all about …

How 400+ Personal Trainers Have Gone From Stressed Out, Exhausted and Trading Time For Money …

To a Location-Independent Thriving Online Coaching Practice, Without Spending a Penny On Ads

OTE is a year-long, fully immersive course where you’ll be shown everything you need to develop the online coaching business of your dreams. Whether that’s bringing in an extra £1,000 per month to top up your gym floor income…

Fully replacing your 1:1 earnings, and bringing in £3-£5k per month online… Or scaling to the dizzy heights of £10,000 plus, every single month …

The beauty of OTE is that it’s designed to work around you.

Before I say anymore though, just look at a few more of the results a selection of OTE members and graduates have been getting –

how the ote works...

You get access to over 100 hours of exclusive online trainer video coaching. This includes everything from marketing, copywriting, accounting, storytelling, successful case studies, and a whole lot more.

This is all hosted in a private membership site, solely for OTE students.

There’s a brand new, LIVE webinar, every single week. Once a week, for the whole year, I’ll be delivering a live webinar.

This could be on one of the topics above, it might include a special guest, or it could be based around ‘what’s working now’ in the industry. Where these are live, you get the chance to answer any questions, and get my personal help on your online business.

Private 1:1 calls – every 90 days. 

The reason for this is simple: I want you to get results. I didn’t want this to be just some automated course where you could get stuck, or overwhelmed, or distracted. These 1:1 calls work to keep you on-track, confident, and enjoying the success you’re having.


Top-Level Trainings on everything from fat loss, to strength, mobility, recovery, and everything in between.

Like I mentioned above, this is non-negotiable.

I’m honestly amazed at how many trainers of trainers skip this step, when it’s so vital. Developing as a trainer is just as important (if not more so,) than just becoming good at marketing.

Becoming a better trainer means getting better results for your clients, which in turn means they stay with you longer, refer more people, happily pay more, and act as your best source of marketing.


And that’s just the tip of the iceberg

OTE students also receive…

Done-For-You Coaching Documents.

Hate creating spreadsheets? Get bogged down with training plans? Fed up of calculating macros?

No problem. We give you all of this, drastically reducing the time it takes to set up and check in with each client, while ensuring you get them better results (and build your reputation) along the way.

Done-For-You Sales Scripts.

It’s funny how many people say they go from ‘hating selling,’ to loving talking with potential new clients. And all thanks to these scripts.

I’ll be honest, I used to dread selling over the phone too. But these scripts helped take me – a shy introvert – to the stage where I’ve closed over a million pound’s worth of business to date, and all in a way that was honest, ethical, and didn’t use any hard-sell tactics.

They work incredibly well for all our students, and for many, ‘selling’ actually becomes their favourite part of the job.

Our Famous Kickstart Area.

Ever done something like this before and just felt like you were trying to drink from a firehose?

Yeah, me too. That’s why we came up with the kickstart area.

OTE has a LOT of content, and that’s awesome. But for some, it could be overwhelming.

The kickstart area breaks down exactly what you need to do at the start of your journey, to pick the ‘low-hanging fruit,’ and get some easy wins, without having to consume a tonne of information, or spend 6 months learning before you even sign up a client.


A Tight Knit, Friendly, Supportive Community of Other Online Coaches.


At OTE we firmly believe that ‘a rising tide lifts all boats.’We don’t see each other as competition. For starters, most trainers in OTE have different target markets.

And secondly, we’re stronger together.

The community is a fantastic place to talk tactics and strategies, share wins, network, and, being brutally honest – Eliminate the loneliness that can sometimes occur from going all-in online.

And the best part?

You Get Full Support for An Entire 12 Months

Most courses like this tend to be 6-8 weeks. Or at the most, 3 months. And that’s how OTE used to be. But what I found was, while students would get amazing results in their time with us, there was so much more we could help them with, if we extended the programme to a full year. That doesn’t mean it takes a year to get results.

As you’ve seen from the proof so far, many students sign up 10, 15, or 20+ clients within their first 6-8 weeks.

They rapidly scale to £5,000 – £10,000+ per month, too.

But, because the community is so strong, and because I want to not just help trainers get more clients, but become better coaches themselves, everyone who enrolls in OTE gets full access and support for an entire year.

In fact, here’s what students are saying about the support and the community within OTE:

To get started with OTE today, and start seeing all these benefits with your own business, click the button below.

If you’re still on the fence though

let me share a little more about what you’ll discover once you’re inside OTE:

If even just one of the above appeals, then read this next part carefully...

The OTE is not for every trainer.

I don’t say that as some weird psychological trick. It genuinely isn’t. It’s not for trainers who –

The bottom line is … I want you to keep me busy!

The OTE contains every single thing you need to take your online coaching business to the level you want it to be.

Whether you’re doing okay right now but want to leverage it, bring in more consistent sales, or just work a little less and earn a little more…

Have dabbled online, but never had any real success … Or you have no clue where to start …

The dream life of an online coach awaits. So, the question on your lips –

“Sounds great, Adam, but how much does all of this cost?”

I’ll answer that for you in just one moment. But first, let me ask you this –

If you work in a gym, how much rent do you pay? Same question for a private studio.

My guess is that it’s at least £300 per month. 

And for some high-end central London gyms, it might be in the thousands.

Or if you aren’t paying rent, you’ll probably be doing 10-12 hours unpaid work a week, which in reality, is £300-£500 of PT money you’re missing out on, every single week.

Well, the good news is, investing in OTE today will cost you a LOT less than that.

But that alone isn’t enough. It’s important that I show you the real value of this.

Let’s say that all OTE did, was show you to sign up 5 more clients, at £199 per month each. (A result which is extremely doable within your first 1-2 months)

That’s the worst case scenario. But you’d be £750 per month up.

Well, there’s more good news, because OTE also won’t cost you anywhere near that.

in fact...

Right now, if you’re in a gym, you’re likely paying 2-3x what it costs to work with us – every single month.

And what do they do for you?

Give you a couple of branded t-shirts, some name badges, and ‘let’ you use their facility.

If you’re doing hours and classes, you’re giving away a whole lot more.

And even if you’re not paying that, just think about how much extra you’d still be taking home every month with the skills you’ll develop in OTE.

Even if all you do is bring in enough extra each month to take one additional holiday per year …

Or pay off your credit card bill early …

Afford the payments on that dream car or home renovation …

Be ‘sensible’ and start a retirement fund or pension …

Treat the kids of the partner a bit more …

Wouldn’t that be worth it?

And let’s not forget the freedom you’re creating for yourself.

No more 5am starts or 10pm finishes …

No more sessions where you’re desperately trying to get motivated and upbeat, thinking you’d rather be anywhere else than here …

No more watching other online coaches who you know aren’t as good as you, seemingly crushing it with signing up clients, wondering what they have that you don’t …

And no more thinking “What if?” – as you watch life pass you by, still toiling away on the gym floor.

You can put an end to all that today, by taking a chance on yourself, and signing up to OTE.

But I Also Want to Go Further and Reverse The Risk

Because I’m so confident in the OTE and the results our students get, I’m even going to put my money where my mouth is, and say that if you don’t earn your entire investment back – we’ll work with you for free.

Honestly? I’ve never had to do this. Thanks to the 1:1 calls, the trainings, the support group, and the fact the whole system is so effective, no one has ever finished the OTE feeling like they were short-changed. But, should that happen for some reason, I’ll offer a full refund.

It’s not in my best interests to keep money for something you’re not happy with.

Right Now, You’re at A Crossroads

In front of you are 3 paths.

On path 1, you choose to do nothing. You keep going through the motions, struggling for online clients, or wasting your days on the gym floor, hating your schedule, feeling stressed, strained and exhausted, watching other people run the business and live the life you want.

On path 2, you decide to take action… Only you go it alone. You try and implement what I’ve shared on this page, but without the scripts, the guidance, the accountability, the coaching, and the live calls. And who knows, maybe you succeed. It’s not impossible. But I’m yet to see it. If you choose this route, there will undoubtedly be many challenges, perhaps some embarrassing mistakes, and a lot of wasted time and money.

Or you can take path 3… You invest in yourself, and put your faith in me and the OTE to get you that dream online coaching business. You avoid the pitfalls and misery. You feel confident in your own success. You enjoy marketing for clients, because you know you’re going to sign them up. And you love the fact you played this whole ‘online coaching game’ on easy mode.

Because when you have me, the OTE team, all the other students, and all that knowledge behind you, there’s no way you can fail.

All that’s left for me to say is thanks for reading.

I truly hope you got something from this page. And whatever you decide, good luck.


Got questions? Great, I’ve answered some of our most common ones below.

So, if you want to enjoy both a successful online business and a comfortable lifestyle, I invite you to join the Online Trainer Education today.

You can start immediately.

You get instant access to our trainings + have your first 1:1 booked in ASAP


Because we don’t just teach you how to market, but go deep into coaching systems and strategies, it doesn’t matter if you only have gym floor experience, we’ll be able to walk you through the process of coaching clients online.

Likewise, if you’re an old hand at working with clients online, while you’ll definitely still get a lot from the coaching-based training, you’re welcome to spend less time on this, and more time on the client attraction pieces.

Yes, it just means we fast-track you through our Prime>Sell>Scale model faster.

And, once you’re earning over £7,000 – you get invited into a private mastermind with the highest level OTE students.

They’re all recorded and uploaded into the private member’s area within 24-48 hours, so you won’t miss a thing.

We’ve found Instagram to be the most effective (and simplest) way to build a hungry audience and sign up clients, but a lot of the principles work the same on other platforms.

Not at all.

We all go through a journey, and no one suddenly hits 5 figures overnight. My suggestion is to get to that extra £1k per month, and see how you feel. 

You might be perfectly happy … You might actually decide you want more.

Either way, you’ll still have more freedom, and be making a solid profit over your investment in the OTE.

Yep. There are a few things to learn, but it’s really not that tough.

If you can use a phone and follow some very simple instructions, you’ll be fine.

Sure do.

Just click the button below, and we’ll discuss which of the two options is best for you.

P.P.S - One final parting thought

If not now, then when?

There’s never been a better time to be an online trainer than right now.

I don’t want to scare you by saying the longer you leave it, the harder it gets, but that does happen to be true.

In a year’s time, there’ll be more competition. And clients who could have signed up with you, will be settled and happy with other trainers who took action. Considering the results you’ve seen on this page… The fact you don’t have to pay a penny for ads… And that you needn’t spend months building a following… The only thing stopping you is doubt.

Will you be a victim of that? Or will you take control, and put yourself in the driver’s seat of your business and your life?