Money Back Guarantee

The Online Trainer Education (OTE) is dedicated to, and confident in, helping you to become the best online coach that you can be – whilst also building a profitable online business.

Should you complete the 12 month mentorship, and have not reached a £3k month  – we will:

1) Transfer your entire course fee back


2) Continue to work with you, until you reach that goal

This guarantee is only valid if you meet the following criteria:

Live Calls: Must have attended at least 50% of the live calls through the year; and have evidence of you bringing your struggles to the calls.

1-2-1 Calls: Every 1-2-1 call must have been booked in and attended. No exceptions.

Proof of Execution: Proof that OTE recommendations have been attempted is required. Social media postings, demonstration of social proof, email campaigns, Instagram story archives, prospect follow ups, client program set ups following OTE guidelines are all accepted.